Credit Card

Some of the major credit card provider banks are discussed below.

Axis Bank Credit Cards

To each lifestyle requirement, an Axis Bank credit card is the perfect accomplice for travel, shopping, dining and for buying movie tickets. Customers can selected a card that have best and enjoy attractive offers and rewards points on each and every credit card purchase.

HDFC Credit Cards

HDFC provides a many types of credit cards to match everybody’s taste and costs. HDFC cards are internationally approved and accepted at millions of merchant establishments across the world. Exclusive benefits like EMI option, loan on credit cards, reward schemes, and online services make HDFC cards the best of its kind.

Citi Bank Credit Cards

Through customer hot line, Internet banking facilities and SMS Cardholders have 24/7 access to all the credit card details. Credit card bills may be paid online and a standing instruction can be set up to pay either the total amount or the less amount due. The credit card bills may also be paid from phone using the Citi Mobile. Easy Instalment options are gave on all spends made using Citi credit card with less interest rates and flexible time period.

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